In this privacy policy of Romannia, Pronouns used(“us”, “we” and “our”) are being referred to the website Our website is the only digital commercial entity that is and would be processing your private details and information.

Privacy Policy In Detail:

Our privacy policy has applicability to our current, former, and future consumers/customers/users. By using and just surfing on our website, that is, it is assumed that you agree with our policies and terms related to the privacy of your data and the terms & conditions of utilizing our services. Apart from this, we convey to you that we do not have any intention of using/sharing/ providing any information of yours to anybody if it is not necessary to deliver our services for your benefit.

Since our platform does not partner with any other platform/website/business entity for storing your data we withhold every detail from the general(your name) to minute (like your medical and location history) details.

We always collect the data you provide us directly by submission in data input fields or indirectly by cookies when you visit our website. From cookies(from our end) to your data (submitted from your end), everything is protected as we do not have any requirement for sharing or providing your personal data with any third party/website in any form.

Data Collection From Consumers/Users:

For collecting any data/personal information/personal data, we have a pre-defined format of detail submission. If you utilize any service provided at, it is assumed that you are totally aware of your act of data production.

Order Placement Details:

Without any necessary requirements in order to deliver seamless services to our customers/users, we absolutely avoid disclosing information in kind with anybody. Having said that, we share the general information like delivery address for delivering ordered medicines on time. We believe only this much information does not make us liable in any case of private data breach.

Search History And Location:

We have your wishlist and search history details on our website and log data like computer internet protocol (IP) address, etc. Your valid delivery address is a prerequisite for executing our service delivery.

Banking Transaction Details:

Apart from transaction details for general banking purposes, we do not require(hence, do not ask for) bank-related critical information like billing address, credit card number, password, or any critical code and link, at all in any condition.

Reviews/ Testimonials:

In case you give your valued feedback for our service/product and any experience relevant to our website or services policy, we share it for enhancement and expansion of facilities/service/business.


Just to get an idea about your preferences based on your search history on our website, we have cookies stored as blocks on your(user) hard drive. Feedback is another reason to use cookies by which we get help to technologically improve the service/facility we provide.

To give you a general overview of cookies. We explained What are cookies for.

As a piece of information, Cookies are used for storing information related to a website connection history a user browses. Website stores Internet cookies on a user browser, for managing browsing sessions, identifying users/consumers, and mainly for personalizing user experience.

These cookies find their utilization in general information collection for facilitating better and faster connections in the future, improving user/consumer experience, and also helping us to improve the design of our website.

If you do not find the ‘cookie use’ explanation justifiable or while browsing our website you come across anything suspicious, you can undoubtedly delete/reject cookies by accessing your browser settings.

What do we do with your Data?

Romannia analyzes user/consumer data/information with the idea of fulfilling the goal in mind of improving consumer/user experience for better delivery of service and for professional expansion of service/business.

We never function against the laws, ethical practices, and moral values. We always abide by the laws and strictly refrain from any unlawful act. Thus, we do not ask for critical information like banking card details/ real-time geo-location.

For How Long Your Data Is With Us?

We comprehend that collecting your personal data/information makes us accountable and we are responsible for securing it.

Our team/employees/website will be monitoring your personal information/data to prevent it from theft, counter every kind of scam, prevent fraud, and maintain user/consumer records. Besides this, For the span of time you utilize our services/website, we will keep your data stored with us. And lastly, until and unless you delete your login/sign-in/user account we keep notifying you about services/updates/advertisements.

We have the right to change, update, edit, and mandate our policy whenever required.

Deleting Your Account Is Your Right:

We respect your rights. so in case you want us to remove your provided information you can simply delete your sign-in/ login account. We will stop notifying and updating you about our services.

Contact Us:

In case of any grievances or any doubt. Inform us at We will be happy to help you.