Our(“company”, “platform”, “www.romannia.com”, “us”, or “we” mean same thing/entity) terms and condition policy mentioned here governs the rule of your access and use of our services.

Usage Terms And Conditions:

Your Approval:

By visiting and browsing our website, it is assumed that you are in agreement with us regarding usage terms and conditions. Information, apart from terms and conditions and the privacy policy, provided on this site is generic, unbiased, and for informal purposes only.

In case you find our services not fit for you, you can stop using them as your last resort. If you don’t agree, we will not be able to entertain your legal action/queries, and keeping updated on our terms and conditions is solely your responsibility in order to comply with them.

Any use of the customer’s personally identifiable data/information is notified or informed via mail whenever applicable. we will also notify every consumer/user via provided email in case of updation/changes/modification in website content/data/information.

Product/Medicine Availability And Purchase:

All the medicines you are ordering/buying/purchasing from ROMANNIA are assumed to be ordered only after your GP/medical expert/ medical practitioner/ doctor’s consultancy. We do this practice for the best & effective treatment of the patient/individual.

Know that the availability and stockpile of each product are updated by machines along with the staff ensuring exact match. While purchasing your prescribed medicines/product you can face unavailability issues subject to stock availability. As this case arises, we do our best to refill/ replenish that product/medicine and notify the customer regarding its availability via the provided email.

Price And Other Charges:

The price of a particular medicine may vary. Subject to the market demand and supply graph rate/prices of the medicines/product varies accordingly. Hence we do not guarantee the same price for the same product each time ordered.

We also deliver medicines across different boundaries, which may involve custom charges in accordance with authorized charges. So in case you are charged by the custom, romannia will notify you about the amount but will not be responsible for the charges made by the custom.

Security Aspect:

All the personal data/information you provided is completely secure & safe. Our website is SSL-protected with end-to-end encryption. The data(personally identifiable data/information) are stored on our database server. Only the user/customer himself/herself can access it. But we prohibit many activities by individuals other than our staff/employees.

We Put Prohibitions On:

  • Performing/exercising any activity that goes against any law of federal states/country
  • Making use of or misrepresenting someone else’s personally identifiable information in any form for utilizing our services
  • Making unauthorized changes in any data produced/issued by our company
  • Personal medical information sharing with any unauthorized/third party.
  • Placing any misinformation, corrupt, fraud, irrelevant, offensive, or false material on our platform/website/link.

Shipping Policy:

Shipping Address should be correct and updated/current. As we utilize third-party services for item delivery understand we share the exact detail you provide us. Hence, no claim we will entertain regarding deliveries at the wrong address/place.

The shipping charge will be applicable according to the terms of the delivery services provider. The more the parcel weight, the higher the charges. Your parcel will reach you within 3-4 days. So you are advised to keep a clear eye on the expected delivery details while ordering.

Delay In Delivery:

Using third-party services for delivery purposes doesn’t make us liable for delivery issues/ discrepancies. In case of a delay in delivery due to any circumstances, ROMANNIA will notify you through the email ID provided by you at the time of signing up. You can apply a request for a refund as per the procedure mentioned in our policy. We start the process for a refund immediately after getting the request. In any scenario, if you don’t get the refund within 3-4 working days, we will pay from our account to yours within 7 days.

In the end, we are making it crystal clear that employees/staff/workers/team have no liability towards anything in case of irrelevant issues/problems/discrepancies/grievances with regards to ordering/purchasing any of the medicines from the ROMANNIA(www.romannia.com) site.